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The Potential health benefits of cardamom

Green cardamom, also commonly known as green Elaichi, is a slightly sweet flavor and excellent aroma. The seeds are filled with an intense tone, warm and fruity touch. The highest quality cardamom is cultivated in the Western Ghats in South India. The spices are entirely handpicked to preserve their flavors, goodness, and aroma. 

Cardamom and its extracts have been used for medicinal purposes and daily life consumption. Its distinctive flavor makes it suitable for multiple cuisines. It is also named the “queen of spices” in some regions. Some like to use it as a whole while some as ground. 


Did you know the health benefits of cardamom?

May lower blood pressure- Cardamom is rich in antioxidants, which help in regulating high blood pressure. It helps in the detoxification of the blood and eliminates excess water that gets stored around important organs by promoting urination. Daily consumption of cardamom can be proved very beneficial to lower blood pressure levels, and it is also effective for people dealing with stage 1 hypertension. 

Anti-inflammatory properties- It is known to build a healthy immune system with its anti-inflammatory properties. Cardamom also helps in clearing any infection, swelling, or bacteria. People with sinuses also reported easier breathing with the intake of cardamom daily. It also protects the cell from damage and helps the immune system fight various chronic diseases. 

Help with digestive problems- For over a thousand years now, cardamom is being used for easing digestive issues. Its digestive ailments are considered an ingredient to protect the stomach from ulcers. Cardamom has various components that benefit gastrointestinal problems by controlling them, such as stomach cramps and acidity. When mixed with other medicinal spices, Cardamom gets a boost in its impact on health and helps relieve one from nausea, vomiting, and discomfort. 

Improve oral health- With cardamom having mint flavor, people like to use it as a mouth freshener. It also aids in fighting mouth bacteria, which can cause bad breath, gum-related problems, or cavities. It is a very ancient remedy that our grandparents urge us to adapt to in our daily life. According to a study, cardamom helps fight five types of bacteria that can cause dental issues and tooth decay. 

Aids weight loss- Cardamom can be as beneficial as it comes; it is counted to be a good source of melatonin, which helps in boosting the metabolic rate, improving digestion, and speeding up the fat-burning process. It helps in expelling extra water in urine out of the body. As it reduces bloating and benefits digestion, it also helps eliminate the fat accumulated in the abdominal region. 


How to use cardamom in daily life?

  • Cardamom spice can be used in cooking various meals and is an efficient way to improve health.
  • Add a couple of cardamom pods in 2 glasses of water and let it boil for a minute. You can also add milk, tea, or coffee instead of water and savor the taste.
  • You can also chew cardamom pods directly as they can be used as an excellent mouth freshener.
  • Its sweet and savor taste gives the perfect texture to the dish. For sweetness, one can use it in deserts and enhance its flavor; sprinkle it on rice or curries as garam masala.

If you’ve still not added cardamom to your everyday diet, we are sure it is the right choice for taste, aroma, and multiple health benefits. Elephantrunk brings you the best green cardamom or Elaichi from the Idukki district of Kerala, grown naturally, harvested, and processed in season. 

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