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Masala Tea Drops

Rs. 175.00

A dash of species can rejuvenate a simple cup of tea. Elephantrunk's Chai Masala or Tea Masala drops are perfectly balanced ready to use a blend of cardamom, dry ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. It gives a warm and comforting feel when brewed with milk and black teal. Benefits: - Boost body immunity and prevents cold and nasal congestion.- Helps lower bad cholesterol and improves the amount of good cholesterol.- Balances Energy Levels and lifts the mood.

Tulsi Drops

Rs. 140.00

Rs. 130.00

Tulsi is a powerful Ayurvedic herb that booster and is helpful in all types of Allergies. It has beneficial effect gives relaxation on mind and body. The intake of tulsi is the best way of intestine cleaning. It removes the impurities of blood and increases the immunity of the human body. Benefits: - It boosts the immunity level.- Improves blood formation. - Fights against various infections and fever conditions.- It acts as a detoxifying, cleansing and purifying agent.


Rs. 100.00

Rs. 90.00

Our mint spice drops has the authentic spear mint flavour which is the version used to partner roast lamp and is best suited to savoury reciepes.Peppermint is the version used in the sweet dishes and confectionary such as icing and peppermint cream.

Unprocessed Cinnamon Drops

Rs. 105.00

Cinnamon, a brown-colored woody spice made from lower tree bark, is extremely versatile and aromatic and has a sweet and savory flavour that adds freshness to any dish. Spice drops are more flexible than powdered cinnamon because you can add them at any stage of preparation and adjust to taste right up to the moment of serving.  Benefits: - High Medicinal Properties- Loaded With Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Properties- Cuts the Risk of Heart Disease- Improves Sensitivity to Hormone Insulin- Antidiabetic Effect lowers Blood Sugar Levels.

Cardamom Drops

Rs. 180.00

Sourced from Kerala, Elephantrunk's Black cardamom drops are extracted from handpicked and intensely dried cardamom seeds using natural methods. This natural essence goes a long way, is a great mouth freshener also used for a more smokey and pungent flavour in many dishes.  Benefits: - Antioxidant and Diuretic Properties- Helps with Digestive Problems like Ulcers- Treats Bad Breath and Prevent Cavities- Antibacterial Effects and  can help treat Infections- High shelf Life- Easy to use

Ginger Drops

Rs. 105.00

Fantastic fresh root ginger flavour without peeling and grating and like all our spice drops, Ginger spice drops do not need cooking to taste great. Mix with cold or hot ingredients and just individual taste.

Garam Masala Drops

Rs. 130.00

The essential spice mix for curies is particularly versatile. Preparing the ground mix takes time and it quickly loses its flavour. With garam masala spice drops you have an authentic taste every time and as little or as much as you like. Add drops towards the end of the cooking. Adjust to taste. 

Saffron & Spices Drops

Rs. 495.00

Saffron and  spices drops are ready to use mix of saffron, cardamom and nutmeg. This classic spice mixture is used to make Shrikhand- a silky smooth Indian pudding which dates back to 400 BC.

Gralic Drops

Rs. 100.00

Like all our extracts Garlic Spice Drops do not need cooking to taste great. Our extracts retain all the natural goodness of the plants so adding the Garlic Spice drops at the end of the cooking or to raw dishes is the equivalent of eating raw garlic: the active compound is not destroyed.

Clove Drops

Rs. 100.00

Elephantrunk's Clove drops are extracted using a hygienic and stringent process to assure quality and capture the essence and flavour that ground flavours can't. The strong astringent flavour is intense that can add a burst of flavour to your palette. Benefits: - Packed with Nutrients. - High in Antioxidants- Protects Against Cancer- Anti bacterial properties- Improves Liver Health- Regulates Blood Sugar- Promotes Bone Health.- Reduces Stomach Ulcers- High shelf Life- Convenient to use  



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