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Bringing Kerala To The World.

Popularly known as Krishna stores, Krishna Super Spices is the first Spices shop in Munnar, started in the year 1974. Traditionally begun, family-run stores, with its famous, authentic offerings across food and wellness categories, today owns four stores across Munnar. 

Our product range includes

Tea, coffee, spices, masalas, essential oils, ayurvedic oils, beauty care products, and Kerala sarees. Customers from across the World visit Munnar for its natural beauty and carry back memories that will last forever. What they won't forget is nature's gift of luxurious products that are natural to this topography.

Indigenous Techniques and Contemporary Design

We source exotic and hard to find products from across Kerala and help you experience ingredients that have journeyed to you from God's own country - filled with intoxicating scents and brilliant colors due to natural habitat that they are sourced. 

Now, customers have to spend less time searching for authentic handmade wellness products. 

Quality: Our Finest Ingredient

Spices like Cardamom, white pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg that are homegrown are carefully packed to retain the original flavor and essence. The essential oils are extracted at the source in methods that preserve the primary flavors in these oils. Flavored teas handpicked from the tea gardens in Munnar are our specialties too.

About us