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All About Indian Spices- Black Pepper - Kali Mirch

Black pepper is a small dried berry of the vine Piper nigrum. For Black Pepper, the berries are picked while green, allowed to ferment, and then sun-dried until they shrivel and turn a brownish-black color. They have a hot, piney taste. 


Black, uniform and nut-like, and rounded
Hot, biting
Black Pepper has a sharp, penetrating aroma and a characteristic woody, piney flavor. It is hot and biting to taste.


Black Pepper Sensory Profile

Black Pepper adds flavor to almost every food of every nation in the world. Black Pepper is used in spice blends, salad dressings, and peppercorn blends. The medicinal property of Black pepper also makes it popular in the household for various medicines. There are a lot of health benefits of pepper that are not popular. It aids digestion, fights fat, boosts your immune system, and can improve your skin texture!


Black Pepper in Hindi is known as Kali Mirch.
Black Pepper in Tamil is known as Karumiḷaku.
Black Pepper in Telugu is known as Nalla miriyālu
Black Pepper in Malayalam is known as kurumuḷak
Black Pepper in Marathi is known as Kāḷī mirī
Black Pepper in Odiya is known as Golamaricha
Black Pepper in Bengali is known as Gōla marica


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