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Poppy Seeds / Khus Khus

Rs. 150.00
Our Poppy Seeds, also know as Khas Khas, are high quality naturally dried seed with rich, nutty flavour and high unsaturated oil content. We provide fresh, handpicked, pure poppy seeds which do not only enhance the taste and fragrance but also make all dishes healthy.
Rs. 150.00
1. Q: What are poppy seeds?

A: Poppy seeds, also known as opium or khus khus seeds, are small, oil-rich seeds harvested from the poppy plant. They are widely used in cooking and baking for their nutty flavour and crunchy texture.

2. Q: How can I use poppy seeds in cooking?

A: Poppy seeds are versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. They are popularly used as a topping for bread and bagels, salad dressings, and desserts like cakes and pastries. They also add a delightful crunch and flavour to savoury dishes.

3. Q: Are these poppy seeds from Elephantrunk organic?

A: These poppy seeds from Elephantrunk are completely natural. They are 100% natural, ensuring the highest quality through natural farming practices.

4. Q: Can I buy poppy seeds online from Elephantrunk?

A: Yes, you can easily purchase our high-quality poppy seeds directly from our website. Just visit to place your order.

5. Q: What are the health benefits of poppy seeds?

A: Poppy seeds are a good source of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron.

  • 1. Nutrient-Rich: Poppy seeds contain essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron, contributing to overall health
  • 2. Improved Digestion: They contain dietary fibre, aiding digestion and preventing constipation.
  • 3. Heart Health: The seeds have linoleic and oleic acids, supporting heart health by lowering harmful cholesterol levels.
  • 4. Better Sleep: Poppy seeds contain compounds that promote relaxation and may aid in improving sleep quality.
  • 5. Antioxidant Properties: These seeds are rich in antioxidants that help combat oxidative stress, reducing the risk of chronic diseases.
  • 6. Bone Health: Calcium and phosphorus contribute to maintaining healthy bones and teeth.
  • 7. Skin and Hair Health: Essential nutrients like zinc and manganese in poppy seeds support healthy skin and hair.
6. Q: How should I store poppy seeds to maintain freshness?

A: Storing poppy seeds in an airtight container, ideally in a cool, dark place, helps maintain their freshness. Refrigeration can further extend their shelf life. Alternatively, Elephantrunk packs in a zipper pouch which serves as an excellent storage option. When sealed properly, these pouches effectively retain the freshness of the poppy seeds, ensuring they stay flavorful for longer periods.

7. Q: Do these poppy seeds contain any additives or preservatives?

A: Our poppy seeds are completely natural and free from any additives or preservatives, ensuring you get the purest product.

8. Q: What sizes are available for Elephantrunk's poppy seeds?

A: Our poppy seeds are available in 50g and 100g pack sizes. You can choose from small packets for occasional use and contact us for any bulk requirement.

9. How can I track my order of poppy seeds?

A: Once your order is placed, you will receive an email with tracking details. You can also track your order directly from our website using your order ID.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Harika Hima Bindu

Very good quality and the aroma while we are cooking is superb. Thank you

Prabir Mukherjee
Good quality

Genuinely priced.

Aloka Bhattacharya
Excellent quality poppy seeds

Very good quality poppy seeds, I have purchased from other sources, but this poppy seeds taste excellent pl maintain this quality very good👍👍👍

Great Quality

The quality of poppy seeds is very good. It is difficult to find in the market otherwise.

Durga Prasad Ponnuru
Products are good.

Lot of delay in delivery. Very bad tracking.