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Why Kerala Ayurveda? Why Elephantrunk?

If you were to imagine yourself as the epitome of beauty, what would you visualise? 

Probably grandmother using her choicest treatments for oiling your hair and applying uptans or home made face packs to get you the most radiant,  glowing skin. Everything in its most natural, absolute, no chemical form!! 

So why natural or herb-based ingredients are important for us? 

A healthy skin or luscious hair doesn’t just mean externally well taken care of body and hair, it also depicts the inner and external symbiosis. Hence, natural ingredients, which we consume for our internal health and apply externally are not only good for us but also safe. These products when applied, are absorbed by the body and blood. So imagine !! Chemicals are being absorbed into our bloodstream!! 

 Products based on Ayurveda, have naturally beneficial ingredients which are abundant in vitamins, minerals and help rejuvenate our bodies. Natural or Ayurveda products are friendly to the environment and do not deplete it further.  

Why Kerala is the best place to procure these natural skin and hair care products? 

Ayurveda isn’t all about beauty treatments, it is holistic health and medicine-based, the most ancient philosophy, mentioned in the  Vedas. Kerala is the only place in the world where a variety of rare herbs, trees, and plants grow which aid in these treatments. Natives of Kerala, practice Ayurvedic treatments for all sorts of health problems in their daily lives, making Keralites experts in this science. 


Because combines Ayurveda and traditional methods with the purest ingredients and brings great benefits to everyone.

At we have assimilated a wide range of essential oils, Ayurvedic pain relief oils, skin care oils and hair oils and shampoos. These products are sourced from the best known herbs in Kerala, plants and with minimal processing and brought in the most natural forms. The products come with an Ayurvedic combination which gives you maximum benefit. If the raw material is so pure, the processing simple, the end product is going to be fabulous.

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