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Daily Natural Skin Care Routine

With the markets flooded with products and combinations which are natural, chemical free, ayurvedic, chemical, herbal, organic, it is getting confusing to choose what is right.  The choices don't just end there, it varies for age, time of the day, weather and more factors. This article will help you understand what to use, how to use, when to use, why to use?

Don’t worry.. we have got it sorted for you, with your daily skincare routine with's natural and Ayurvedic products.

A good brand provides you certain choices depending on your skin type and skin requirement. Someone might have oily skin whereas another might have dry skin. The products will differ for both these skin types. Similarly, while someone can be looking for just a basic skin care, someone might need an intense treatment for blemishes or acne or pigmentation. We should be wise while choosing the products accordingly ,use the right products of excellent quality and not flood our skin with over use of them. provides the best quality skin care products sourced from Kerala. These products are herb- based, gentle on skin , free from harsh chemicals, based on Ayurvedic combinations.

So let's get started with our daily skin care with Ayurvedic oils:

Oils: Some oils are good to be used in the day, while some at night and others are flexible to be used either ways. 

Safroil Face Massage oil: With the natural blend of Curcuma and saffron, this day oil gives glow and removes wrinkles, scars, suntan.

Eladhi skin care oil: This oil includes Elaichi, Jati Phala, Ginger, Cinnamon, Kapur, deodar powder, sesame oil, etc to reduce acne, detoxify skin. It can be used as a face and body oil.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Made from purest coconuts, this can be used before or after bath to moisturise the skin. 

Kumkumadhi Thailam Face glow oil: This oil illuminates the skin with just a few drops every night. 

Sarvaritu Anti Wrinkle Cream: this natural herb cream prevents oxidative skin damage, skin laxity and wrinkles by toning the skin.

1.Face Wash:  Deo’s face wash is natural, mild and gentle on skin. It is SLS and Parabens free. It is suitable for all skin types.

Face Pack: These come in 6 different types- fresh fruit/ charcoal/ rose/ aloe vera/ green tea/ sandal. 

Once we have cleaned our face with a face wash, a pack can be applied once in 3-4 days, depending on our requirement. 

Fresh fruit face pack, rich in fruit based vitamins and minerals, helps in daily maintenance of nourishing and glowing skin , and repairs dead cells.

Charcoal face pack: This helps in brightening skin complexion, detoxifies skin and exfoliates all dirt and impurities. This is more suitable for oily and combination skin. 

Aromatic Rose pack:  This face pack has real rose petals and pure rose water, excellent for hydration of skin, exfoliating blackheads, and elimination of blemishes. 

Magical aloe vera pack: This herbal pack has antioxidants which improve the natural firmness of skin. It minimises wrinkles and fine lines, acne marks , age spots and pigmentation. 

Pure Green Tea face pack: Another natural face mask, the green tea mask helps remove excess oil and acne, gives glow and radiant skin. 

Beauty Sandal face pack: The soothing effect of sandal, cures sunburns, inflammation and prickly heat. It also improves complexion and reduces dark circles.

Gel/ Creams :

Aloe vera gel: Depending on the weather conditions and skin types, the aloe vera gel helps in getting even skin tone, prevents wrinkles , moisturises skin and helps in reduction of irritable skin. 

Pure Red Sandal Rituraj Cream: This Ayurvedic, rejuvenating cream helps in reduction of blemishes and spots, reduces tan. Red sandal, Vitamin E, essential oils are the main ingredients of this cream.

Pre Bath Ayurvedic Cream: The most powerful, intense cream for dull, damaged skin. It has antioxidants, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties, to be used before taking a bath. provides the best quality skin care products sourced from Kerala. These products are herb- based, gentle on skin , free from harsh chemicals, based on Ayurvedic combinations.


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