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Say HELLO! to World of WHITE PEPPER!

  • Enhances Eye Sight

White pepper powdered with equal amount of almonds, fennel seeds and mishri can be consumed with milk is known to help improve eyesight.

  • Reduces Tooth Ache

Take a pinch of white pepper powder and mix it with approximately a quarter-teaspoon of table salt and a dash of water to make a paste. you can apply the concoction directly to the painful tooth.

  • Helps Weight Loss

White pepper is packed with capsaicin. Capsaicin helps in burning the fats inside the body and thus helps in weight loss. just add a pinch of white pepper powder to your favourite curry, kichdi or soup.

  • Decongestant and helps cure cough

White pepper when combined with raw honey and consumed acts as antibiotic and counteracts nasal tract infections by providing relief from cough and cold..

  • Prevents bloating

White Pepper possesses carminative properties which is essential for preventing gas formation in intestines. It is because pepper promotes secretion of hydrochloric acid and assist digestion.

Now why doubt? Add a dash of white pepper in your meals and get healthy!


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