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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Asafoetida We Should All Know About

Asafoetida or hing makes for an essential part of the Indian cuisine in curries and dals. Its distinct flavor and aroma can transform any boring dish. Moreover, it is known for its health benefits and has a prominent place in traditional medicine and Ayurveda. Thanks to its carminative, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sedative, and diuretic properties. It is a latex gum extracted from various species of a perennial herb known as Ferula. Considering its therapeutic and curative powers, asafoetida is known as the Food of the Gods.
  • Helps Reduce Bloating And Other Stomach Problems

Thanks to anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties of Asafoetida/hing, it helps alleviate digestion issues.

Consume a pinch of hing daily by adding it into a glass of water or simply adding a dash of hing to dals and curries.

  • Helps Relieve Asthma

Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral properties, hing can help you get relief from respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, or dry cough.

You can mix a pinch of Asafoetida, dry ginger powder with honey and consume this mixture. Alternatively, you can make a paste of Asafoetida/Hing with water and apply it on your chest.

  • Relieve Menstrual Pain

Asafoetida may come to your rescue by alleviating the menstrual pain and cramps in the lower abdomen and back. Asafoetida is a natural blood thinner. It boosts progesterone secretion that promotes smooth blood flow, thus providing relief from pain. 

Mix a pinch of Asafoetida, fenugreek powder, and a pinch of salt in a cup of buttermilk and consume it during periods.

  • Lower Blood Pressure Levels

It is power-packed with coumarin, a compound that aids in improving blood flow, thereby preventing the formation of clots. Asafoetida is known to be a natural blood thinner and may help in lowering blood pressure levels.

  • Reduces headache

 Anti-inflammatory properties of Asafoetida can reduce inflammation of the blood vessels in the head, which in turn reduces headaches.

Just heat a pinch of asafoetida in some water. Drink this solution a couple of times in a day to see effective results.

  • Cures insect bites

All you need to do is to mix garlic and hing paste and apply on the affected area. The anti-dote property of Asafoetida promises to bring immediate relief. 

Go on and add Asafoetida or hing in your daily diet and ensure a healthy you!

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