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Kolukumalai Tea BOP Dust

Rs. 190.00


Sourced directly from Kolukkumalai – the world's highest tea plantation in Munnar. Kolukkumalai tea dust gives a clean and medium-toned fragrance. A very stringent process is used to segregate the fine tea dust from the tea leaves. Refreshing BOP tea is an everyday drink.


- Has Antioxidant Properties
- Boosts Heart Health
- Lower “Bad” LDL Cholesterol
- Improves Gut Health.
- Help Reduce Blood Pressure. and Stroke risk
- Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
- Reduces the Risk of Cancer.
- Removes free radicals and decreases cell damage

Kolukumalai Tea BOP Dust

Kolukumalai Tea BOP Dust

Rs. 190.00
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