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Fresh Whole Dried Cloves (Laung)

Rs. 120.00

Cloves or Laung is a spice you recognise via warm, pungent aroma and strong sweet flavour. We source our cloves from the hilly tracts of Kerala, which are traditionally processed and hygienically packed. ElephanTrunk’s kitchen spice Whole Dried Cloves is organic, guarantees a natural aroma, and can fix all your health issues.

We at ElephanTrunk make sure that your kitchen stays filled with delicious flavours and fragrances :-) 


This is why this spice must be a part of your kitchen closet.

Rs. 120.00
How To Use
tea-elachi tea-elachi tea-elachi
Cloves are best known as aromatic spices that can be easily recognised in the dishes. Even though a sprinkle of our clove powder adds magic to your food, you can also use it as a whole. We’d love to see our cloves in your:
  • Cookies, cakes and pies.
  • Several Indian curries and rice.
  • Herbal tea (contains medicinal benefits).
  • Essential oil for stimulating aromatherapy.
Product names in different languages
  • Hindi - Laung
  • Telugu - Lavangam
  • Malayalam - Karayam Poo
  • Tamil - Grambu/ Lavangam
  • Kannada - Lavangagalu
  • Marathi - Lavanga

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Laxmi Gayathri

It's good aroma

Maitrayee Chakravarti

Fresh Whole Dried Cloves (Laung)

Sanjeevarao k

Good qualatiy


The cloves are good in taste & smell,but the sizes are not even most of them are small in size.

Jaikumar Menon

Quality was good would have preferred little more bigger variety of Cardamom