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Did you know the benefits of Hibiscus for hair?

Did you know that besides making your garden look lovely, the brightly coloured flowers of Hibiscus can do some fantastic wonders for your hair? A common sight in every Indian garden, Hibiscus flowers can promote the growth of thicker and healthier hair and solve a lot of hair problems.

Here are other benefits that this gorgeous flower can do for your hair.

Healing power of Hibiscus

Restores natural moisture on oily scalp

Hibiscus has the power to clarify and tone oily scalp without stripping away essential moisture. Try crushing hibiscus flower with your hand. Your hands will become slimy due to mucilage content in the flower. The flavonoid compounds in the flower gets released. This is one of the reasons hibiscus flowers are a common ingredient found in hair products meant for oily scalp cleanse the oil while sealing in the moisture. Crush around eight flowers and few leaves and make a fine paste of it. Mix it well with few drops of coconut oil and apply it on your scalp and hair. Keep it on for an hour. Wash it with a mild shampoo to get a non-oily scalp yet hydrated hair.

Promotes hair growth

Hibiscus oil rejuvenates the scalp and promotes hair growth. A clinical trial held in 2003 suggests that hibiscus has compounds that can promote hair growth. The easiest way to use hibiscus regularly is by infusing it in your hair oil. You can use it on your hair twice a week to provide deep nourishment, improve blood circulation and clean scalp.

Hibiscus infused hair oil promotes growth

Hibiscus Infused Hair Oil:

  • Take about 8-10 hibiscus flowers and 8-10 hibiscus leaves and grind them into a fine paste. 
  • Add the hibiscus paste to a heated cup of coconut oil. 
  • Let the mixture boil together for 10 minutes. Cool it and store in air tight container

Massage this hibiscus infused oil on your scalp once or twice a week, leave it for about 30 minutes. After that, wash your hair and scalp with a mild shampoo. 

Regular use of Hibiscus in hair oil or as a mask will promote hair growth. It also lives a natural shine on your hair and prevent premature greying. Hibiscus comes packed with flavonoids, phenolic compounds, anthocyanins, fatty acids and other pigments that work wonders for hair care - from strengthening the roots to reducing dullness and split ends. Hibiscus is commonly used to treat the oily scalp, hair regrowth and lustrous hair in Kerala household. Give your hair the goodness of Hibiscus with our Natural Hibiscus Shampoo

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