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Cardamom Tea

Rs. 150.00

Our Cardamom Tea is made with the tea of the highest quality and fresh Cardamom of the finest grade to ensure the perfect taste in every sip, every time. A tea of excellent colour, taste and aroma, Cardamom tea is a delicious way to stay active, bright, fresh and healthy.


  • This Cardamom Tea stimulates the mind and enhancing your mood. Known to improve bowel movement and natural mouth freshner. 
  • 100% PURE TEAS: Pure and natural Teas, Our Teas are completely pure with only natural ingredients added to them. 
  • SENSORY EXPERIENCE: It Combines the natural taste of  Tea with luxurious flavour of cardamom. 
Cardamom  Tea

Cardamom Tea

Rs. 150.00
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